Program ICLTC2019.pdf
  • You can download this program by clicking 'pop-out' icon on the upper-right corner.
  • Registration: Registration for the conference starts at 8.15 AM on Monday June 17 at the Van der Valk Hotel,
  • Paper sessions: There are paper sessions of 90 minutes with 4 presentations and paper sessions of 75 minutes with 3 presentations. So presentations should be limited to 20 minutes followed by 3-5 minutes for questions.
  • Poster sessions: There are structured poster sessions of 90 minutes. Each poster will be presented for 5-7 minutes. Thereafter, there is room for individual discussion with the poster presenters.
  • Meet the expert sessions: The experts first briefly inform the audience on their background and viewpoints, then answers questions, and finally are engaged in an open discussion with the audience.
  • We also kindly invite you to the PhD defence of Adam Szulewski, one of the keynote speakers
    • Time: 10 am on Thursday, 20th June
    • Place: Minderbroedersberg 4-6